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FactoryVR was developed by Prof. Dr. Torbjørn H. Netland and his staff at the Chair of Production and Operations Management (POM) at ETH Zurich. It is used to teach operations management with a high level of immersion. Students virtually visit real factories in different countries to solve concrete tasks aimed at improving productivity. Following CaseVR, the predecessor project from 2017, FactoryVR marks the beginning of a new era of teaching at ETH Zurich and abroad.

Our Partners

We work with academic as well as industry partners to ensure high-quality VR content for our students. Our industry partners incorporate FactoryVR into their inhouse training routine. This way we foster immersive learning experiences in both education and working environments.

The New Kind of Field Trip.
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Awards and Funding

We are proud to point out that both FactoryVR and CaseVR have won competitive internal funding from Innovedum: Advancing education at ETH Zurich and received international teaching awards such as the ones shown below.

Our Story

What People Say
About the Project

The VR experience was tremendous! Just the right context, content and a very interactive delivery.
MSc MTEC at ETH zurich
This project has achieved a world-class standard in educational innovation, having being chosen as one of the leading applications from a cohort of 1500. The awarded application achieved outstanding levels of scalability, innovation, and efficacy.
Jury statement
Wharton-QS Reimagine Education 2020,
“The Oscar’s of Education”
I personally loved it, it is such an easy way to bring the production to the class!
MAS in MTEC at ETH Zurich

Conferences and Talks

FactoryVR was presented at several conferences and science talks in Europe. In addition to the ones shown below, these include the Reimagine Education Conference, the ETH Refresh Teaching Lunch and the ETH Norway Alumni Meeting 2021.