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Here you can find three papers that were published by Prof. Netland and other academic staff concerning FactoryVR and CaseVR. Additionally, our Chair of Production and Operations Management (POM) at ETH Zurich published a whitepaper on using VR in academic teaching. We are also present at several conferences which are displayed on the Home site. See you there!

Netland, T.; Lorenz, R.; Kwasnitschka, D. and Senoner, J. (2021)

An VR app to teach operations management.

The 28th EurOMA Conference. Nigel Slack Teaching Innovation Award.

(available upon request)

Netland, T., Fleischner, O., Brown, K., and Maghazi, O. (2020)

Teaching operations management with virtual reality: Bringing the factory to the students.

Journal of Management Education, 44(3), 313–341.

(an earlier version of this paper was presented a EurOMA 2018)

Netland T., Lorenz R., and Senoner J. (2019)

Teaching Lean with Virtual Reality: Gemba VR. in: Rossi M., Rossini M., Terzi S. (eds.)

Proceedings of the 6th European Lean Educator Conference. ELEC, Milano, Italy, 12-13.11.2019

Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems, vol 122. Springer, Cham.

Gottini, G., Solari Bozzi, L., Kunde, M., Lorenz, R., and Netland, T. (2021)

Creating VR content for teaching operations management.

Whitepaper, ETH Zurich, Zurich Switzerland.